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Sell Car with is the no.1 auto website that links car buyers and sellers through the best online advertising. We are committed to make the journey of buying and selling cars as easy as possible by giving the best experience for One2Car users. There are more than 40,000 cars available each month with over 2.5 million users and more than 40,000,000 views.

How to register membership on

  1. Click on "Register"
  2. You are able to register using Facebook, Google+ or Email
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click the "Register" button

User's Confirmation via Email

  1. A confirmation email will be sent to registered email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check the SPAM folder in the email box.
  2. Click on the "Confirm" button and you will be forwarded to the login page to log in with the email and password you have set.
  3. If you did not receive any confirmation email, please contact Customer Service at or email to for further assistance..

If you would like to register as a dealer, please contact our customer service at or email to for more information on dealer registration.


"Credit" refers to coins used to purchase items i.e., Feature Listing and Bump in our system whereby 1 credit is worth 10 baht.

  1. Click on the Credit menu
  2. Click "Buy Credit"
  3. Choose the total credit that you wish to purchase

  1. Purchasing of credits made via credit card
  2. Alternatively you may contact our representatives (at your area) or contact our call center at to purchase credits.

  1. Call One2Car customer service at
  2. Call the representatives at your area

Please follow the steps below to view your credits

  1. Click on the "Credit" menu
  2. You will find your credit information

You can view the credit transaction history via "Credit" menu

  1. Click on the "Credit" menu and "Credit Transaction History"
  2. System will display your credit transaction history.

** Another shortcut to view transaction history is to click on login username on top right and credit transaction history will be displayed

Credits are used to purchase items like "Feature Listing" and "Bump". This will make your listing stand out and increase your sales opportunities.

The more you buy, the better.

  • Purchase 1,000 credit get 10% of additional credits.
  • Purchase minimum 10,000 credits to get 15% off
    (Validity of the credits are 4 months)


What is Bump?

Bump or Bring up my post (Bump) is to make your listing up to # 1 on the listing ad. Just one click To make your ad to become # 1 immediately.

** After feature listing created and perform the BUMP, there is a noticeable increase in the number of visitors on your listing

(You will be able to see the graph at the first page after you login into seller portal)

(Recommended) Every BUMP you make will enable consumers see more of your listing

Creating a featured listing will make your listing stand out. On the other hand bump will make your listing up to No. 1.

The top ranking listing will attract more visitors. Viewers will be able to see the listing before they open it and have a chance to call you first. This increases the chances of a sale.

Go to Menu

Car Listing >> Update Car Listing Info

Press the "BUMP" button.

BUMP can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Instant BUMP (After you perform the BUMP, your car will be displayed at the top of the listing instantly)
  2. Scheduled BUMP (You can either choose 7 days or 14 days. You can also specify the time that you want to BUMP)

* "Bump" can be used with listing which is a featured listing

** Each "Bump" will cost 3 credits which is equivalent to 30 baht

Each "Bump" will cost 3 credits which is equivalent to 30 baht

After bump was performed, recommended for you to observe on the BUMP graph.

Observe that after you BUMP your listing, the number of viewers of your listing increases. This will also increase the chance for you to be able to sell your car

Interested: Number of people whom are interested in your listing and have left their details.
Viewers: Number of viewers for your listing
CTR: Number of clicks on the telephone number to contact the dealers

Recommended timing for BUMP
Based on statistics, the following 3 timing has the most visitors to the website :

  1. 11.00-12.00
  2. 14.00-16.00
  3. 20.00-22.00

** Statistics change over time and also depending on the frequency of the BUMP.

BUMP techniques in order to sell your car easily as per below

  1. Create a feature listing after you create a new listing.
  2. Consistently BUMP for 1-2 days.
  3. If it's a car which is on demand, you should BUMP immediately and the listing will be shown not more than the 5th page.
  4. If it's a rare/different version type of car, once BUMP your car appear on the 1st page.

How to use this website

  1. Log in to the system
  2. Select “Update your details”
  3. Select “Change your password”
  4. Enter your old password and new password

** A message will appear once your password has been changed successfully.

In case you can not remember the password, please contact our Customer Service at or email
Our customer relations will assist you in resetting the password in which you will need to change the temporary password in 3 days time.
Once a temporary password is given to you, please follow the steps as stated above.

  1. Cars that were advertised via must be the same as per the pictures advertised on the website. The picture must consist of interior and exterior of the car.
  2. Cars must be in ready-to-sell condition, ready to use and ready to deliver.
  3. Advertisers must provide the actual and correct information of the car i.e., car brand, model, colour and etc.
  4. The car price displayed must be the actual car price (Not downpayment information.)
  5. Only 4 wheels vehicle is allowed to be advertised on the website.
  6. Only 1 car for 1 listing.
  7. Cars that already being sold, must be removed from the listing immediately.
  8. Pictures used must be in horizontal only. Pictures should not have any text, watermarks, blur and multiple images.
  9. Each of the listings has the validity of 90 days. The company has the rights to remove the listing without prior notice.
  10. Do not allow to upload picture with company promotion, telephone number, social media contact detail (Facebook,Line, Skype, Whatsapp and other). Moderator will reject the listing from website if found.

*** The company reserves the right to change the terms without prior notice ***
If the company received complaints of misrepresentation of the listing,
the company reserves the right to remove the listing from the website without prior notice.

Posting pictures for your listing:

  1. Pictures used must be horizontal only.
  2. Do not edit the pictures including text, watermark, image, blur and merging multiple images into one image.
  3. At least 12 images should be posted for each listing. The images should not be the same image, and should be sorted according to the instructions as per below :

Recommendations for posting pictures for listing

One2Car has provided the platform for users to upload 21 photos (maximum). The interior and exterior photos must be at least 12 images. Other photos may include, the straight face, the rear straight, the engine, the oblique face, the oblique and the wheel.

** It is recommended to add more than 12 pictures, where you can put up to 21 images to show the car details and attract the attention of the buyers.

Pictures for Listing (Exterior)

Side View (Picture)

Pictures taken should be 45 degrees angle for both sides

Front View, Rear View

For front and rear view pictures of the car, photos should be taken from the middle. When taking the picture, the car should not be too close or too far from the edge

Rear Picture (Side View)

Both side of the rear pictures should be taken at 45 degrees angle.

Engine Comnpartment

Pictures of the engine compartment should be taken clearly and can be seen on the wide angle.

Wheel Alloy

Pictures should also include wheels and alloys to attract more viewers

Interior of the Car

Pictures may also include the interior of the car (to attract more buyers) as per below:
Front Door

Back Door
Driver's Seat View
Overall Interior
Sound system

Creating listing with

  1. Log in to dealer portal using your username or email.
  2. Select "Sell your car"
  3. Select your car make and model
  4. Select the car manufactured year
  5. Select gear transmission
  6. Select car version
  7. Select your location
  8. Select the mileage.
  9. Choose the colour of your car and car registration plate number.
  10. Determine your car price
  11. Select additional information about your car.
  12. Select your car registered year.
  13. After all of the details above has been entered, click "Next".
  14. Select the car pictures needed to be upload by
    - clicking the "Add Files". Once the desired picture has been uploaded, click "Preview Listing."
  15. After preview is completed, post your listing.

You can edit your listing by following the steps below :

  1. Select "Edit listing"
  2. Select Edit Listing or Edit the listing information.
  3. After you have updated the information, select "Update your listing" to save your information.

** Listing won't be published unless you post listing

The status of the car can be viewed on the top right (as shown in the picture below. The description is as follows

  1. Published-refers to the listing that has been approved and is displayed/publish on the website.
  2. Submitted - Refers to the listing that has been submitted but has not been approved/moderate.
  3. The draft version is referring to listing which is being saved (for editing purposes).
  4. Unlisted - Refers to the listing that has been taken down from the website.
  5. Sold - Referring to the listing/cars that have been sold.
  6. Rejected - Refers to listing/cars that did not pass the moderation due to certain issues i.e., incomplete information and etc.

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