Step by Step : I want to buy car in Thailand


Step by Step : I want to buy car in Thailand

Buying a car is a big step and especially when you are a beginner or if you come from a foreign country. This article is made for you. Laws, administration and registration can be hard to understand. But don’t worry, we are here to help you to find your dream car.

First of all some advices on the choice of your car:

What car is worth to buy?

The best is to buy a Thailand manufactured car; It will not have the massive cost of import duty tax to pay.  

So you can prioritize multinational automotive industry leaders like Toyota, Isuzu, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, BMW, Ford, Mazda, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, MG, Proton,Subaru, Volvo  and some more.

The 10 most popular cars make search in between january to March:

Now let’s see how to buy a car and what do you need?

Things to know:

  • the price of a used car is a lot more expensive than in Europe or in USA.

  • Every car owner have a ‘’lem tabian’’ or ‘’blue book’’ what is the equivalent of a passport for a person. Inside you will have all the information about the car, address, buying date, previous owner, detail of paid tax…

  • Check the maintenance book to know the vehicle history and the schedule maintenance performed.

  • Check if the car have been involved in accident also check the car welding this will show you if the car has been injured, if you don’t know where they are just go to a showroom near with the same model and compare.

  • Check if your car hasn’t been reported as stolen vehicle, you can have this information from the Department of Land and transport.

  • Check if there is the vehicle valid registration stickers

  • Check insurance policy paper if that car is underinsurance covered.

  • You can ask an inspection company to inspect your car.

  • Or you can find a quick checklist in below:
  • 2. ROAD TEST

Now let’s see how to buy a New car:


After purchasing your car you will need to register it at the Department of Land and Transport (DLT).


You will need this document:

Your passport


Your non-immigrant visa

Your work permit or your certificate or a *letter of residence issued by the Thai immigration or a certificate of residence from their embassy.


The transfer forms from the DLT filled out.

*Letter of residence: Can be obtained from the immigration office, they can ask you some papers like copies of your house/condo rental lease, landlords ID card copy and copies of your passport and Visa page. The letter must not be older than 90 days when you will be transferring the car to your name at the DLT.

The Department of Land and Transport will provide you a red temporary number plate, it can take one to six weeks before they give you your permanent number plate who will be white. It will also provide you a sticker to prove that you paid your annual tax. Place your sticker on your windshield.

When you register your car The DLT will check your vehicle chassis, engine number and the blue booklet to check if it’s the good vehicle and if it not a stolen vehicle. It is recommended to pay your car after this inspection.

If you contract a loan to pay your car, the third part will hold your book till you pay off your credit. In this case a copy of the book will be given to you.

Now let’s see how to buy a used car.

You will need the same papers:

  • Your passport

  • Your non-immigrant visa

  • Your work permit or a letter of residences issues by the Thai immigration or a certificate of residence from their embassy.

  • The transfer forms from the DLT filled out.

Normally used car will already be registered so you will just need to transfer it on your name at the Department of Land and Transport (DLT).

The Seller will have to bring these documents with signed copies (If the buyer can not come, he can give power of attorney to a third party to complete the paperwork on his behalf):

  • Passport

  • Non-immigrant visa

  • The blue booklet “lem tabian” / Check in case a loan have been made if it has been paid or if there is no other current due payment.

  • Work permit or letter of residence issue by the Thai immigration Department or Embassy.

  • The household registration document if they are Thai resident (tabien baan)

In case the car is older than seven years old, what might happen when you will see the price of recent cars. Your car need to have an Up to date tax sticker that prove the car passed the roadworthiness test. If it doesn’t have it you can ask the owner to get one from the DLT.

In case you buy your car in another province or states you will need to change your number plate this means you will need to register it in your residency province same procedure than above.

In Thailand cars must have Insurance. You can find in the link below our partner.

After going through this steps, you can drive through the country. I hope you found the information  you needed. Good luck for your new driving adventure :)

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